Part 6: Riddle Me This

I found another note taped to the backside of a rather crude drawing of boats and houses:

The artist had two jobs — one by day and one by night — but only one name.


Mmm, ciphers… that brings me back. We used to riddle each other as kids to help pass the time and ease the common burden. X had clearly upped the game since then, although it was hardly a game anymore, so I doubt I’d want to do the deciphering by hand — as we used to — but, using the right keywords, you can find an app or two for almost anything these days.

Another thing: if X is worried about them finding out, then maybe I should follow eir example!? I won’t hide the keys in plain sight, though, like X did — and I will probably also split them up.


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Maybe something is written on the other side!?
A filter might make things clearer.
Is that a number or a letter?
What’s the name of the artist?