Case File #6105

A while ago, someone started sending me these reports and wanted me to publish them, but they are, for the most part, written in a language unknown to me, but maybe you can help me: I have tagged each report with organomachina to make them easier to find. My source — who wants to remain unnamed — told me it needed to be known what was going on, but that it was hard getting anything out, so they had to take a few extra precautions.

Later I got a mysterious device (a so-called “PDA”¹) in the mail: No sender, but who else could it be than my mysterious source!? No manual either — except the printed picture below, which doesn’t tell me much, so this might take a while to figure out…

PDA → Gear → Eye

Report #6, when translated (and slightly amended), linked to an album of images that looked strangely familiar. They are early prototype shots I took long ago. I must obviously have put them up there, but then forgot about it. There were a few extra images I didn’t recognize, though: a puzzle and what looked like a key split in two. The two parts formed a word, which turned out to be the key for report #7. I was able to use the provided PDA to translate both reports automatically (the camera app has built-in functionality for this). The translated message reminds me of a story I’m writing, but told from inside… That village being spoken of is unfamiliar to me, though, so probably just a coincidence. Report #8 has proven to be a little harder to decipher.

December 23rd 2013
I was in a building with all rooms white, windowless, and without shadow. An ally of sorts accompanied me and, in a neighbouring room, we saw strange, hostile creatures, trying to pass as humans, but without fully succeeding.

Running the PDA and a detached camera device at the same time is quite alright, whereas running multiple PDAs at the same time might cause conflicts and is not recommended.