The organic machine calling itself Maskinkultur [maʃị:nkultụ:r] is a solo developer working on a yet unnamed first person exploration puzzle adventure game for mainly Windows. The preliminary release year is set to 2019. Unreal, Blender, Reason, and C++ are some of the tools being used. Also check out the game dev journal. Working title is, if you haven’t already guessed, 65.

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For the metagame found on this website, playing on a big screen (i.e. PC) is optimal, but if you insist on playing on a small screen, despite it not being recommended, then Chrome on Android is the better choice.

Maskinkultur can also be many other things, for example the form of culture you’d better adopt in a workshop, or in a heavy industrial setting, for your own safety — and the safety of your colleagues. It can be a culture created by machines for machines, but also culture created using machines.

fre 14 feb 2014, 14:10
Jag rörde mig genom mörklagda rum i stora byggnader. Vid ett tillfälle tog jag mig ut till en pixlad 8-bitars innergård och spelade något slags spel som gick ut på att jaga bort råttor och björktrastar med en flera meter lång stav.