Game Dev Journal: A Good Nerd Year

2016 was a really good nerd year (turning 42 had to mean something, right!?) and I got a lot of work done (while also working on my meta-game), but not much else, and come february this year I felt over-worked, so it was time for a break before it got worse (hello one of the […]

Game Dev Journal: Development Nightmare

I dreamt I had just finished a small application and all the tests showed that it worked perfectly, but after release the application didn’t even start and everyone was mad at how outrageously bad everything was. The application soon got marked as malicious and my boss [a bald Swedish actor] was furious. “It worked when […]

Horror Vacui: Existential Horror

I recently played a free game called Horror Vacui by chrstphfr after it was mentioned in a YouTube Let’s Play by MrKravin (I later also watched his LP of it). The game made me think… (: The title of the game, Horror Vacui, means “fear of emptiness”, which might refer to the idea of life […]

Game Dev Journal: Platforms

The main platform I’m developing for is Windows. Linux might be feasible and is on the wish list, but might still not happen. Any other platforms would of course be great, but will most likely never happen: as an indie just starting out, every little second and penny counts. Some time in the future, though, […]

Game Dev Journal: First Year

One year ago I started working on this my first commercial game: A huge and scary step forward, but also one of the greatest and intellectually the most challenging, and hence also the most stimulating, thing I’ve done so far. This first year (2016) was spent on: getting to know Blender (an amazingly powerful tool […]