Review: The Rodinia Project

The Rodinia Project by Aegon Games Ltd is a classic “throw moderately sized cubes at buttons” puzzle game taking place inside a large complex out in the middle of an endless ocean (let’s call it Mirovia šŸ˜‰ ). The whole thing is almost like meditating on a series of abstract art pieces (which isn’t too far fetched considering the sound, similar to that of a “singing bowl”, being played at the start of each puzzle).

The puzzles aren’t anything ground-breaking, but nicely executed and there are a lot of them, so you’ll be occupied for a while. All puzzles are variations on the same theme: you use boxes to get around, find switches, determine the correct sequence for a given set of possible actions and so on… I had a good time, but you have to really like that one kind of puzzle, because there won’t be much of anything else (the puzzles will of course differ and new elements introduced as you progress, but the type will always remain the same).

How much story there actually is depends on how much you are willing to read into what you are seeing around you. The structures you visit are all built in a simple, clean style with more focus on function than form (although there is a certain brutalistic beauty to be had here) and serve as a good background for the puzzles, but there are also details to pay attention to story-wise. The little story-telling there is, is subtle.

The Rodinia Project isn’t the most exciting game, but it’s a solid experience.

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