Game Dev Journal: Development Nightmare

I dreamt I had just finished a small application and all the tests showed that it worked perfectly, but after release the application didn’t even start and everyone was mad at how outrageously bad everything was. The application soon got marked as malicious and my boss [a bald Swedish actor] was furious. “It worked when I tested it!” “I certainly hope so!” “It really did!” I was devastated and left together with his secretary, who tried to comfort me: “It’s not easy when you are from the countryside.”

Luckily it was only a dream, but the lesson to learn is to test, test, test, both internally and externally (it’s way too early for the latter yet, but so much more important than anything else). Then, after release, expect to patch, patch, patch, because, in not knowing that many people, you might not be able to test everything as much as you want to, and you never know what kind of systems the end users are on. I will have to think about how to solve the problem of external testing.