Game Dev Journal: Multispeed CSS-Animation

I just got multispeed CSS-animation working: The problem with this is that when changing the speed of a running CSS-animation, you have to reset it for the changes to take effect, which results in the location of what you are animating to also reset, so it glitches out. One way of solving this is to use multiple animations, one for each speed you need, and layering them (with for example nested DIVs). Then when you change speeds, you start the wanted animation and stop all the others, which means you never have to reset any of the animations. This results in a lot of extra html structuring, so maybe there are better ways. One alternative is to do it entirely in JavaScript, maybe drawing on a canvas what you want to animate, and then use a timer for the animation. Maybe.

I’m adding a lot more interaction to this website of mine, which is what I need the improved animations for. An update will come pretty soon I hope, and will bring more metagaming and things to play around with while waiting for the real deal. I’m experiencing a bit of feature creeping here with the website update, but right now I’m working on polishing what’s already in. One thing I need to fix is phone support: Some UI features that work on a PC aren’t immediately available on mobile devices, so those have to be cloned (using touch events instead of mouse events). I also want to convert everything to a WordPress widget for better integration.

More website updates will come later, in smaller portions, but once this update is done, it’s time to switch to either coding my CSG stuff (I’ve built the first version of what’s to become in-game real-time boolean operations and the only thing missing for it to be somewhat presentable is the user interface), or more landscaping (I have converted some actual paper maps over childhood places, that no longer exist, into a 3D landscape, turning it into an island or two (it took a while to find a working method for turning the altitude curves on the paper map into a heightmap that could be imported into Unreal)). The landscape needs a lot more to be presentable.