Review: ISLANDS: Non-Places

Have you ever suggested or thought to yourself “Hey, let’s spend a day at the airport and then go home again; that’ll be great!” or “Hey, let’s have a picnic in the parking lot; that’ll be great!” or “Hey, let’s spend a week in another country, but stay in the hotel lobby the entire time; […]

Horror Vacui: Existential Horror

I recently played a free game called Horror Vacui by chrstphfr after it was mentioned in a YouTube Let’s Play by MrKravin (I later also watched his LP of it). The game made me think… (: The title of the game, Horror Vacui, means “fear of emptiness”, which might refer to the idea of life […]

About “Reading Jung”

I just read my post about reading Jung again, and realized it’s a bit lengthy, so consider it a “public beta”. (; Those who don’t care to read the whole thing can read just the second paragraph and still get the gist of it. In short it’s about Jung’s concept of a “collective unconscious” and […]

Reading Jung

I’m reading some of Jung’s original texts, which makes for an inspiring read, but also a slow one, because of all the references. Jung was part mystic, part scientist, and part poet, but I’m mostly interested in him as a poet and a scientist, so I’m not a “Jungian believer”, just as I’m not anything […]