A while ago, someone started sending me these reports and wanted me to publish them, but they are, for the most part, written in a language unknown to me, but maybe you can help me: I have tagged each report with organomachina to make them easier to find. My source — who wants to remain unnamed — told me it needed to be known what was going on, but that it was hard getting anything out, so they had to take a few extra precautions.

Later I got a mysterious device (a so-called “PDA”) in the mail: No sender, but who else could it be than my mysterious source!? No manual either — except the weird picture below, which doesn’t tell me much, so this might take a while to figure out…

Warning: While running the PDA and a detached camera device at the same time is quite alright, running multiple PDAs at the same time might cause conflicts and is not recommended.

With a little help from the mysterious device, I was able to translate report #6, which was the first to contain hidden information. The name of the mediator to be announced was hidden in plain sight (it’s a capital ‘I’ and a zero, by the way), so it wasn’t too hard. The web address the message got translated into was missing a piece, but that was solved by adding the name of the mediator at the end.

For report #7 I’m thinking the named website from before might contain more information: there is a puzzle there, but without a printer, that puzzle is a little harder to solve, although I noticed some extra information on two of the pieces, so I think I should be able to bypass it.

mån 23 dec 2013, 09:49
Jag befann mig i en byggnad där alla rum var helt vita, fönsterlösa och utan skugga. Jag var där i sällskap av något slags bundsförvant och i ett angränsande rum såg vi märkliga, hotfulla figurer som tycktes vilja maskera sig som människor, men utan att riktigt lyckas.