Review: Niko: Through The Dream

Niko: Through The Dream by Studio Paint is a puzzle platformer about Niko, a young woman who, after some tragic events, goes out into the world in search of… something. This journey takes her through an abstract dream world. There are a lot of puzzles of all kinds: some classics, some platforming, some obstacle courses, […]

Review: Dream

Dream by HyperSloth is a first person exploration game where you play a guy trying to figure out what to do with his life. It’s apparently a pretty dull existence, but his dreams are far more vivid and exciting than his waking life, so he tends to want to sleep a lot, which might not […]

Review: NaissanceE

NaissanceE by Limasse Five is a brutalism exploration 3D platformer set in a mysterious world inhabited by strange creatures. Then there’s you, the player, who seems to be a human hunted by a large snake-like thing. You either don’t belong here or have overstayed your welcome — or are you on the run, looking for […]

Review: Please Knock on My Door

Please Knock on My Door by Levall Games is a pretty accurate representation of what depression can be like — so accurate in fact that I never want to play it again. The game sort of made me relive my own history of depression, so you might not want to play it at all if […]

Review: The Old City: Leviathan

Lately, I’ve gotten into exploration games, and one could even say it has become a favourite genre. It all started with Dear Esther, which was a bit of a mixed experience, but I got hooked on the concept, so I started looking for more. It’s not the most popular genre, but I found a couple, […]

Review: Sylvio 1 & 2

Sylvio 1 I might be a little late, so this review is for those who haven’t played the game a couple of times already, or for those who played the original version (released in 2015) and might be interested in the completely remastered version (released in 2016). I first learned about Sylvio 1, made by […]