Part 5: So Close and yet So Far

“ I found a note from X in eir cabin: ‘I want to show you something, something about you and me, and the reality we cling to. I cannot take any chances, though, but I trust you to know what to do. I’ll explain everything when we meet.‘ Cryptic. I didn’t know what to do […]

Part 4: Beam & Shield

“ It worked. While shielded I saw a passing beam light up the room. It stopped when it reached me — as if thinking about something — but shortly after it continued and was soon gone again. Once under I found X in eir cabin, but how is that possible? If that beam I saw […]

Part 3: A Unique Set of Skills

“ They are afraid of dreams and of us for having them. X and I once tried to introduce the other children at the orphanage to a more potent form of dreaming, but none of them seemed to understand, and then someone told the staff, so we had to drop it. After that, the staff […]

Part 1: A Mystery Waiting to Happen

I’m working on a first person adventure game with a strong theme of exploration, like an FPEG with story and enough gameplay to keep the player occupied for a while. First goal is to get a demo out in the second or third quarter of 2017. I’ve been at it for only around 9 months, […]